Catching up with Kyle Weatherman…

TOLEDO, Ohio (March 1, 2016) – While it may seem like a long pause between Daytona and Nashville, there’s still plenty to do for Kyle Weatherman and his Lira Motorsports team to get ready for the full season ahead.

xlarge-1“We have a lot of rebuilding to do,” Weatherman said. “We’re working on our short track car right now…it’s one that David (Levine) ran last year.”
Weatherman’s day starts early, before he ever gets to the shop.

“I go to Roush and work out in the morning…then I’m at the shop at Lira’s the rest of the day. I get to the shop about 8:30, 9 and stay till quitting time.”

When Weatherman moved to Charlotte from his Wentzville, Missouri home to pursue his ARCA career full-time, he shared a house with 2012 ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards champion Chris Buescher. They don’t live together anymore, but they still hang out a lot.

“I still hang out with Buescher…we go out and eat dinner…do random stuff on the weekends, ride the four-wheelers, whatever. There are a handful of guys at Roush I hang out with. Hang out as much as I can with my family when I’m not at the shop.”

All the fun stuff aside, Weatherman’s main focus is what’s going on in the Lira Motorsports shop.

“We’re rebuilding everything. Our short track car’s been up on the jack stands, but it should be on the ground tonight, and then go up on the plate tomorrow. We’re thrashing hard. We’ve rebuilt the whole car…it’s a brand new car you could say. It’s nice to go through everything…go through all the Kyle Weatherman car in garage at Daytona 2016suspension pieces from all the previous wear and tear. We’ve repainted the car so, between going over the chassis with a fine-tooth comb and repainting everything, it’s really the best of both worlds.”

Weatherman, who plans to run the complete 2016 ARCA schedule in the No. 58 Ford Fusion for Lira Motorsports, is off to a great start, coming out of Daytona with a third place finish.

“We didn’t have the best car (at Daytona), but to come out with a great finish was really an impressive team effort. Everything about it…the outstanding calls on the pit box…getting through both wrecks. Starting in the back, we were almost in both of them (wrecks). It was an outstanding effort all the way around.

“We’re definitely going to make a lot changes for Talladega. Hopefully, we can test and be even more prepared when we get there.”

Don Radebaugh,

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