Tyler McQuarrie


Tyler began his career in motorsports at the young age of 14 when he started racing karts. His career instantly took off when he was able to claim the Formula Russell Championship and the Triple Russell Crown. Tyler is known as one of the best, most well-known multipurpose motorsports drivers of our time. He’s taken his talents through the NASCAR West Series, USF2000, USAC Sprint Cars, and American Le Mans. Nowadays, he’s regarded as one of the best Formula Drift drivers in the world. While he isn’t racing, McQuarrie is a driving instructor, and he has instructed the likes of Bill Elliott, Regan Smith, and various others.

Driver: Tyler McQuarrie

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Tyler’s Quick Links:

Facebook: facebook.com/TylerMcQuarrie17

Twitter: @tylermcquarrie

Instagram: @tylermcquarrie


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